The Best Way to Clean Mini Blinds

clean mini blinds

clean mini blinds

Mini blinds can be a wonderful addition to most any home. They provide a touch of style, a splash of color, and plenty of control over lighting – all at an attractive price. Cleaning them, however, is a whole different story!

Mini blinds are notorious dirt and dust-magnets. The longer they hang neglected; the harder cleaning becomes, especially when you consider that the sun only serves to bake the dirt on. This may leave you wondering if those dirty mini blinds can be saved.

Of course they can!

Mini blinds take time to clean, but cleaning is relatively easy if you use the proper technique, which we’ve taken the liberty to outline below. The best part? You won’t have to take them down, clean them, allow them to dry, and then rehang them.

The first step to cleaning blinds where they hang is to remove the excess dust. This can be done with a microfiber window blind duster, kitchen tongs with absorbent pad, or Swiffer duster.

With the blinds fully extended, begin by dusting the top and bottom of every blind, to remove any loose debris. It’s a good idea to start at the top and work your way down. Now, it’s time to take this cleaning to the next level.

Armed with some good ole’ fashioned white vinegar, diluted in warm water, use the kitchen tongs with absorbent pad to thoroughly clean the blinds. Simply dip your tool into the vinegar water and gently run it over each blind.

With just the right amount of pressure, you’ll be able to clean the top and bottom of each blind at the same time. Repeat this process until all the blinds have been wiped down, cleaning the pad or changing the water as needed.

Allow sufficient time for the blinds to dry. Once dried, it’s time to clean the drawstring, using a combination of water and bleach. To do this, simply pull the blinds all the way, exposing as much of the drawstring as possible.

Wet a clean, non-patterned, white cloth with a bit of warm water and a touch of bleach. Run the cloth along the drawstring. The bleach should help the string return to its normal white color. Allow the string to dry before closing the blinds.

And voila, you’re done!

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