allergy-proof your window treatments

Allergy-Proof Your Window Treatments

When you’re ready to remodel your room and add new window treatments, a lot of things go through your mind. What color should you choose? How dark should the room be? Should you include more than one window treatment – curtains and window shades for example? But one thing probably doesn’t enter your mind: how […]

motorized window shades

The Benefits of Motorized Window Shades

Forget the Joneses! Motorized window shades and blinds, long a staple of fiction and futurism, is now within every consumers’ reach. With the addition of motorization, window shades can take your home comfort, protection and convenience, to a whole new level. A level that will maximize the joys of domestic life while minimizing its worries […]

solar shades

Solar Shades Advantages

  Solar shades, also known as solar screens, are truly a marvel of science! Available in a wide variety of colors, styles, and view-through characteristics; solar shades block the sun, but not the view. Solar shades have become increasingly popular due in large part to their exceptional energy efficiency. With their stylish and sleek design, […]