Glass Door Coverings

glass door coverings

glass door coverings

Add privacy and an upscale new look to your home’s glass doors with glass door coverings, such as; curtains, shutters, solar screens, roman shades, cellular shades, and vertical blinds. Many of these glass door coverings are available with the option for motorization. Read on for more information.


The first option to consider is curtains. Curtains perfectly compliment both French doors and sliding glass doors. Mount curtains four to six inches above the door’s frame. The illusion of a much taller door is successfully made when curtains are hung high rather than low. This optical illusion really works wonders in most any room.


Installing plantation shutters over glass doors is an elegant alternative to many of the other available options. Mount shutters right on the door frame for a clean, tailored look. Shutters can be sized all the way up to 16 feet wide. Sliding shutters slide on two upper tracks, similar to closet doors, allowing more exposure of the opening.


Particularly effective at blocking both glare and harmful UV rays, solar screens are very beneficial in conserving energy, as well as protecting your furnishings. Solar shades are available in a myriad of sizes, shapes, and designs to suit most any décor. These can be paired with Low-E film to boost protective power even further.


One of the biggest advantages to using roman shades on your doors is their timeless style. Roman shades, when mounted above the door’s frame, will fold up tightly when not in use and will cover the entire door in one swift motion when you want privacy. Mount roman shades at least two-inches above the frame for maximum effect.


Featuring a honeycomb build that provides maximum energy-efficiency, cellular shades offer a simple, elegant design. They can be sized all the way up to 12 feet wide. Cellular shades help keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. They are available in variety of colors and designs, including motorization.


Another sliding track option that is equally effective at boosting privacy and being classy, vertical blinds offer a contemporary and elegant style solution, which is sure to compliment most any décor. Vertical blinds are available in a multitude of materials including vinyl, fabric, wood, and woven wood.

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