Home Theater Window Coverings

home theater

home theater

Create an atmosphere for fun with a home theater. A home theater is a place where you can gather with your friends and family to enjoy the latest hit movie with a tub of buttery popcorn (or another snack of your choosing).

To authentically replicate the experience of watching a film in a movie theater, your home theater will need to be outfitted with the right décor. What would a theater be without a large screen, surround sound, comfy chairs, and movie-style popcorn?

The spectacular visuals and surround sound that accompany the movie theater experience can truly bring to life the story being portrayed on the big screen. The trick, however, is ensuring total darkness which is why movie theaters across the country ban the use of smartphones during the movie.

Glare from smartphones, or in a home theater setting; sunlight, can ruin the experience. Update your home theater window coverings with your choice of drapes, blackout shades, or honeycomb shades for a cinematic experience you and your friends or family will greatly enjoy.


Add a touch of lavish Old Hollywood realism to your home theater with drapes. The thickness of these window coverings can provide a luxurious look to any home theater. Drapes are an energy-efficient option. They reduce heat and light in warm weather and insulate to keep you cozy warm in cold weather. Drapes are available in a number of sizes and range in colors. Make sure to purchase enough curtains panels to create a ripple effect.


Blackout or room darkening roller shades make the best choice for home theaters. These shades offer complete light blockage and added sound insulation, giving your home theater a true cinematic feel. Blackout shades come in a number of customizable options, including trending colors, various fabric types, and control options such as: top-down/bottom-up, cordless, motorization and more.


Honeycomb shades are available in room darkening and blackout fabrics, making them an ideal choice for home theater rooms, as well as other rooms that require complete darkness (e.g. your bedroom). One of the main advantages to honeycomb shades is that they are energy-efficient. They are great at maintaining your home theater’s internal temperature without paying more to heat or cool your home.

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