Window Treatments: How to Choose the Right One?

window treatments

window treatments

Looking to create a cozy bedroom retreat? Or block out the sun during baby’s naptime? Maybe you’re looking to increase the sound acoustics in your media room? Or perhaps allow natural light to warm your home? Transforming your space can be as easy as selecting the right window treatments for your home.

Bathrooms: Many bathrooms, especially those on the first floor, need maximum privacy. Cellular shades allow you to walk around without fear of being seen. This style further allows a lot of light to stream into the room without compromising your privacy. Cellular shades are designed to keep the cold out and the heat in.

Family/Living Rooms: Semi-sheer curtains add a touch of sophistication while keeping the room bright. Choose a curtain length that will just brush the floor. For standard 8″ ceilings, opt for 96″ curtains, remembering to hang the curtains a few inches from the ceiling to elongate the windows and make the room seem larger.

Bedrooms: The options for bedroom window treatments are endless. Roman shades elongate windows and provide easy to use operation. Blackout curtains ensure minimal light infiltrates your room – perfect for a nursery. Shutters blend seamlessly into the creativity of your room’s interior design and allow minimal light to infiltrate.

TV/Media Rooms: Layered treatments, such as shades and curtains, go the extra mile in achieving total movie theater darkness as well as incredible acoustics. The more fabric you add to your windows, the better your acoustics will be. Layered treatments also add sophistication.

Kitchens: Cafe curtains, cellular shades, and sheer curtains – among others – all make great options for the kitchen as they allow natural light to infuse the room. These styles also afford the chef and sous chef(s) varying levels of privacy (depending on the type of fabric selected).

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