Interior Design Services

If you’re not sure…

  • Not sure how to pull together all of your ideas?
  • Not sure what paint color to use?
  • Not sure how to place or hang your pictures and artwork?
  • Not sure how to group or not group your accessories?

  • Not sure how to arrange the furniture or what furniture works well together?
  • Not sure what colors complement each other?

Help is here for you!

I’m a degreed professional Interior Designer.

Let’s work together to complete your spaces to fit your personality and lifestyle.

Updating a little or a lot!

Have you ever walked into a room and felt uncomfortable or something is not, quite right?  We can work together to make that room inviting, comfortable and priming with your personality!  Any room from Living rooms, Family rooms, Bedrooms, Basements, Etc. Consultations are $129.00 for the first hour and$ 55.00 each additional hour.

Start feeling Harmony today!

Call 720.212.6558 for your in-Home Design Consultation!