Plantation Shutters DenverAre you considering Plantation Shutters in your Denver home? There are a lot of reasons to love Plantation Shutters that extends far beyond their aesthetic appeal, however, the beauty that Plantation Shutters offers should not be undervalued.

Many interior decorators consider Plantation Shutters to be the ultimate window covering solution. They not only offer a lot of class, they are quite functional as well! Plantation Shutters from Right Choice Window Coverings are available in real wood, composite and very durable faux wood. Customize the look of your shutters with 2 1/2” for a traditional appeal, 3 1/2” for a more modern look or 4 1/2” for an ultra-contemporary look that is just stunning.

Some additional benefits that come from owning Plantation Shutters include:

– Custom Plantation Shutters increase the value of Denver homes and can be considered a very good investment in the value of a home, since their ROI is practically 100%, you can expect to recover your investment if you should decide to sell your home at a later time.

– Plantation Shutters are the only type of window dressing that can be financed into the purchase of your home, for several reasons that include their being a very desirable part of a home’s aesthetic value. Since Plantation Shutters are designed to stay with a home when it is sold, it is easier to get financing for them.

– Reduce the amount of solar heat and UV rays that enter your home and damage your interior furnishings with quality Plantation Shutters from Right Choice Window Coverings in Denver. It is estimated that homeowners lose as much as one quarter to one half of the energy that is put into cooling their homes through windows that are not properly covered. Plantation Shutters provide exceptional insulation to keep heat out and cool temperatures in.

– Most Plantation Shutters are built from natural wood, which offers a very long lifespan when cared for properly. You can expect a lifetime guarantee when you purchase Plantation Shutters.

– If you enjoy customizing the lighting in your home, nothing compares to Plantation Shutters. Open the slats and you can get light without allowing direct sunlight into your home, or open them completely to allow light to flood your room. Customize your view as well, with Plantation Shutters that are designed to meet the needs of your Denver lifestyle.

– Do you own custom-shaped windows, such as circular or arched or even diamond-shaped? They’re no match for Plantation Shutters, which can be custom manufactured for your windows. Unlike most other types of window treatments, Plantation Shutters can be 100% customized to perform in the way that you choose.

Let an expert from Right Choice Window Coverings show you what quality Plantation Shutters can do for your Denver home. Enjoy the elegance and beauty that comes from owning one of the most spectacular types of wind treatments on the market today. If you have questions, feel free to call 720-212-6558, or visit online at Plantation Shutters Denver