Roman Shades DenverRight Choice Window Coverings offers a wide selection of Romans Shades for Denver homeowners looking for an elegant way to control light in their home. Roman Shades are the perfect blend of convenience and class many homeowners are looking to decorate their rooms with, as they allow for a tailored look while utilizing natural, woven patterns that work hard to make a house feel like a home.

Homeowners love Roman Shades for Denver interiors because they let natural light filter in through fabric that is designed to accentuate the decor of any room they are used in. With a Roman Shade, the beautiful fabric stacks tightly at the top of the window dressing when more light is desired in a room. What’s more, anyone looking in from the outside will see the clean, uniform lines of the shades that are elegantly folded.

Homes with small children often opt for cordless Roman Shades in their Denver homes. When offered the option of going cordless most homeowners are appreciative of the availability at a slight increase in cost. Consider a few of the benefits of installing cordless Roman Shades in your Denver home:

– Safety, safety, safety. It just can’t be overstated that if you have young children living in your home or have grandchildren or other toddlers visiting, cordless is the safest way to decorate your windows. Corded Roman Shades may be a bit less costly, but when it comes to their safety, the number of recent recalls are a sure indication that they are not the right choice for homes with small visitors.

– Whether you choose to operate your cordless Roman Shades by pressing a button or by pulling a tab, you’ll find the mechanisms to be a lot easier than trying to determine which cord will raise or lower your shade. Unless your cords are color-coded, choosing the right cord can be a problem.

– Tangled cords is also a problem with corded shades, and this is where the convenience of cordless Roman Shades really shines in Denver homes. You’ll enjoy improved performance with a smooth gliding operation that will eliminate untying knots and de-tangling cords.

– One of greatest benefits that owning cordless Roman Shades provides to the unique nature of Denver homes is that their control mechanism is almost always located at the bottom of the unit, so that in the case of high windows or hard to get to areas of the home, you will almost certainly have better access to opening and closing your shades. If you like to change up the lighting in the rooms in your home, this is an advantage you’ll soon appreciate.

Right Choice Window Coverings has been serving the Denver Metro and Foothills areas for more than 2 decades. As a locally owned and operated business, Right Choice focuses on outfitting your home with window coverings that are designed to perfectly reflect your style.

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