Why You Should Say “No” to Ready-Made Draperies

ready-made draperies

ready-made draperies

As any interior designer will tell you, draperies make a room – but only when chosen correctly. When it comes to choosing window treatments, there are a lot of factors to consider, including whether to purchase custom draperies or those off-the-shelf. As a professional window treatment consultant, I’m here to tell you that you should just say “no” to ready-made draperies, choosing custom instead. Here’s why.

Ready-Made Draperies

Ready-made draperies are readily available at most big box retailers and department stores, however, that doesn’t mean you should go out right now and purchase the first set you set your eyes upon. Why? First, if you want high-end ready-made panels, it’s going to cost you and then you’ve spent a lot of money on something that many other people have. That honestly doesn’t sound very appealing to me.

Secondly, there’s drapery length. Today, most interior designers and decorators agree that draperies should be hung high and wide on a window, making a room appear larger. With ready-made panels, you generally have two options: 84-inch panels, which are way too short, and 96-inch panels, which are way too long. There truly isn’t a happy medium – at least not yet.

Finally, there is the quality of the draperies. Whether you purchase them at Pottery Barn or Target, ready-made draperies will NEVER be made with drapery-workroom quality, in large part because they are mass produced. Most people find that once they get their new draperies home, ironed and hung, they’re often not of the same caliber as those that were custom made. Just say “no” to ready-made draperies!

Custom Draperies

One of advantages to custom draperies is the quality. You will never see stitching on the front side of a custom-drapery panel unless it was intentionally put there for effect. The hems are always doubled to ensure the fabric hangs properly. They are often made with three times the material for fullness. When custom draperies are installed, you don’t get a wrinkled, too-tall, too-mess.

Custom draperies are made for your home and your specific décor style. They’re also often professionally installed by skilled installers. You’ll be amazed at the difference custom draperies will make in your home – no matter the area they’re hung. Once you go custom, you’ll never go back. For a free initial, in-home consultation, contact Nancy at Right Choice Window Coverings today: (720) 212-6558.

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