Wood, Faux Wood
& Composite Shutters

Shutters are often remarked as the ultimate window covering solution. Looking to add a stunning, timeless touch to your home? Shutters are an incredible option to add class and function to your space. Our shutters are available in real wood, composite and durable faux wood. Different louver sizes include 2-1/2” for a more traditional look, 3-1/2” for a more contemporary look, and 4-1/2” for the ultra-modern look. Shutters have the ability to add refinement and sophistication and in the long-term can add value to your home as you look to resell.

Shutters offer:

  • A timeless, charming design to compliment your decor
  • Easy operation – louvers tilt to control light in your home
  • Our real wood shutters are constructed from superior grade of North American hardwoods
  • With composite shutters you can enjoy the appearance of real wood with a durable and humidity-resistant design
  • Insulated design to cut down on energy costs
  • Durable construction – built to last
  • Great for large spaces or arched windows in your home
  • Cordless for your child’s safety
  • Excellent option for increasing value in your home – considered a “fixed” part of your home, not merely an accessory!