Woven Woods (Natural Shades)

Woven Woods (Natural Shades) add a sense of warmth and comfort to each space. Admire the natural beauty of shades comprised from natural resources. These shades create a stunning look in whatever position they sit. The appearance of woven wood (natural shades) is a perfect of relaxation and elegance. To create these shades, a combination of both fine wood materials and natural bamboo are used to give us the look and feel of nature right in the comfort of your home. These are a great fit for any space, combining grace and performance.

Woven Woods (Natural Wood Shades) offer:

  • Organically beautiful choices that present a perfect accent to any space
  • Refined materials such as bamboo, rattan, reeds, jutes and woods create a variety of options
  • Available with liners for exceptional light control
  • Available with top-down configuration which allows for privacy while you are still able to enjoy your view